The most powerful and customizable imageboard software available!

FoolFuuka was designed to be used for two purposes: a front-end for Asagi and a self-contained image-based bulletin board.

Unlike other imageboard software available on the internet, FoolFuuka includes a wonderful user interface, a brilliant and easy to use administrative panel, customizable themes, extendable plugins, integrated search, and etc. The software allows you to fully customize and control everything right in the administrative panel itself. You will no longer be required to modify files directly to change any settings anymore!

Administration Panel

Control and manage everything right from the web interface without needing to modify files ever again!


Extend your installation with additional features with plugins! No need to modify core files again!


Create or use available themes written to provide users with a better browsing experience!


It was designed to be incredibly light and high performance. It was meant to run on limited resources!


Continue discussions in any dead thread indefinitely without bumping them to the front page!

Search System

Unlike conventional imageboard software, it includes a powerful search engine to locate relevant material!