Online Comics Publishing Software for Authors and Teams

FoolSlide, the successor to FoolReader, was designed to help authors and team manage their content online with ease.

Unlike any other online comic publishing software found on the internet, FoolSlide includes an easy to use administrative panel to manage content with ease. It also includes many additional features not found in other software and is the preferred software to be used by content creators.

Administration Panel

Control and manage everything right from the web interface without needing to modify files ever again!


Provides a fully compliant API protocol that can be used by external applications to obtain and display information.

Automatic Upgrade System

Provides notifications of available software updates and applies them automatically.

Download System

Allows content providers to make their materials available for download with ease.

Geo-Location Restriction System

Limit the regions and countries that are allowed to view your content.

Multi-Language Interface

Use the software in your very own language!

Load Balancer

Scale your installation onto multiple servers to deliver your content faster and efficiently.


Create or use available themes written to provide users with a better browsing experience!

Upload System

Upload your content with ease straight from the administrative panel.